We’re trusted to secure over 1 million WordPress sites.

We’ve thought of everything, so you don’t have to. AIOS really is the ‘All-In-One-Security’ WordPress plugin.

About AIOS

Why All-In-One Security?

5* Rated

We’re the only WordPress Security Plugin with a five-star user rating across 1,000 + reviews.


You don’t need to be a security expert to use AIOS. Set, forget and AIOS will do the hard work for you.

1 million+

More than 1 million WordPress site owners are using AIOS right now to protect their website investment.

How will AIOS keep my website safe?

Prevent brute-force attacks

Brute-force attacks make up more than 80% of hacking-related data breaches! AIOS is packed full of login security features to guard against them.

Use two-factor authentication, hide your login page from bots, lock out users who make more than a configurable number of login attempts and much more.

Keep unwanted traffic out

The AIOS Firewall and file protection feature suite keeps your website safe from the very latest threats!

Stop bots stealing your content 

Content is what makes your website unique, so it makes sense to protect it. Prevent users from copying your content via iFrames, disable the right click, copy and paste function, prevent spam comments and more.

Check for malware [premium only]

Search Engines like Google can and do blacklist websites injected with malware. AIOS scans your website for malicious code, alerting you to problems, so you can take action, fast.

Country blocking [premium only]

Most malicious attacks come from a handful of countries and so it’s possible to prevent most attacks with our country blocking tool. AIOS Premium utilises an IP database that promises 99.5% accuracy.

Smart 404 error blocking [premium only]

404 errors occur when someone legitimately mistypes a URL, but they’re also generated by hackers searching for weaknesses in your site. AIOS Premium provides more protection than the competition by automatically and permanently blocking IP addresses of bots and hackers based on how many 404 errors they generate.

Control from the WordPress Command Line [premium only]

Choose from a list of commands and enter them into the WP-CLI.

Flexible Two-Factor Authentication [premium only]

Make TFA compulsory for some user roles and not others, customise the design layout and generate emergency codes for when a device is lost, and more.

Want to know more? 

Read about all the features of AIOS on our features page 

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You'll get the premium plugin to install on your WordPress website(s) plus licences for our Site Scanner service. You'll also get access to new premium features, fixes and tweaks, for as long as you're subscribed. The latest versions of AIOS are always compatible with the latest versions of WordPress. Stay subscribed to maintain compatibility with WordPress core.

AIOS Premium customers get premium support via email. If you need help, fill out a customer support form and we'll email you back. Free customers can ask for help in the WordPress support forum.

We can do more to help you via our own channels than is allowed under WordPress forum guidelines e.g. we can take a copy of your site (minus the user data) to replicate any errors you may be experiencing.

We receive positive feedback about our support all of the time. See what others are saying on our parent company's TrustPilot page.

It does. Automatic renewal ensures your instance of AIOS doesn't lapse by accident, giving you continued protection. Subscriptions renew at full price.  If you don't want to renew, you can cancel at any time from My Account.