Why Upgrade to Premium?

Get peace of mind, install AIOS

The hard work you’ve put into your website deserves the best protection. AIOS Premium monitors your site 24/7 for trojan horses, adware, worms, spyware and other malicious code that could have devastating consequences for your WordPress investment.

AIOS Premium customers also benefit from personalised, ticketed support from a team of security experts. Advanced two-factor authentication, a country blocking tool and smart 404 error blocking give your website the protection it deserves. Explore the full range of features below, or contact our team with your pre-sales questions.

AIOS free
AIOS Premium



Login Security Feature Suite

Firewall and File Protection Feature Suite

Content Protection Feature Suite

Malware Scanning

Automatic Malware Scanning

Response time monitoring

Up-time monitoring

Alerts you to blacklisting by search engines

Flexible assignment

Malware reports

Flexible Two-Factor Authentication

Authenticator apps

Role specific configuration

Require TFA after a set time period

Trusted devices - control how often TFA is required

Anti-bot protection

Customise TFA design layout

TFA Emergency Codes

TFA Multisite Compatibility

TFA Support for login forms

Smart 404 Blocking

Automatically and permanently blocks bots producing 404s

404 error charts

Country Blocking

Block traffic based on country of origin

Whitelist some users from blocked countries

Premium Support

Unlimited Support

Guaranteed response time


You don’t need to be a security expert to use the All-In-One Security plugin for WordPress. Get peace of mind. Get AIOS.