We’re trusted to secure over 1 million WordPress sites.

We’ve thought of everything, so you don’t have to. AIOS really is the ‘All-In-One-Security’ WordPress plugin.

About AIOS

It's time for peace of mind

AIOS free

AIOS free version

AIOS is one of the most comprehensive, feature-rich, WordPress security plugins.
AIOS Premium

AIOS Premium

Malware scanning, flexible 2FA, smart 404 & country blocking and premium support for less than you might think.

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Why choose All-In-One Security?

5* Rated

We’re the only WordPress Security Plugin with a five-star user rating across 1,000 + reviews.


You don’t need to be a security expert to use AIOS. Set, forget and AIOS will do the hard work for you.

1 million+

More than 1 million WordPress site owners are using AIOS right now to protect their website investment.


AIOS implements and enforces the latest recommended WordPress security practices and techniques to give your WordPress investment the protection it needs.


From the team at UpdraftPlus, we’re the world’s most trusted provider for WordPress backups, so you know you can also trust us with the security of your website.

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More features for free than the competition

$ Free

Login Security Features:

- Prevent brute force attacks
- Login lockout
- Simple Two-factor authentication (TFA)
- Google reCAPTCHA
- Cloudflare Turnstile CAPTCHA alternative
- Password Strength tool
- Stop user enumeration

AIOS Firewall and File Protection:

- Protection from the latest exploits
- Firewall rules released real-time
- 6G blacklist
- XSS protection
- Blacklist users
- File change detection

Content Protection:

- Comment SPAM prevention
- iFrame protection
- Front-end text copy prevention


Everything in Basic, plus the below

From $ 80 Year (inc VAT)

Malware Scanning:

- Actively scans for the latest threats
- Malware Scanning every week
- Uptime monitoring every 5 mins
- Response time monitoring
- Instant notifications
- Checks search engine blacklists
- Help if something’s amiss

Flexible and advanced Two-Factor Authentication (TFA):

- Role specific configuration
- Time based activation
- Emergency codes for lost devices
- Customise design
- Supports third-party forms

Smart 404 and Country Blocking:

- Block hackers searching for weaknesses / generating 404s
- Country blocking to 99.5% accuracy

Premium Support:

- Unlimited support
- Guaranteed response time

What our users have to say

“This plugin is A MUST HAVE – I’ve been using it for years on multiple sites and it is blocking hacking attempts almost every day.”


“Installing this plugin unveiled the scope of daily attacks on my website….I’ve learned a lot about my website’s security vulnerabilities and how to mitigate them. Thank you.”


“Even with limited knowledge of security, this tool is easy to use. For every setting there’s a good explanation and recommended setting. Very helpful.”


“I’ve tried many security plugins, some ineffective, some too complicated. All In One WP Security & Firewall really is THE security WP plugin. Thank you”


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