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Latest Blog Posts

Cloudflare’s CAPTCHA alternative ‘Turnstile’ now available

Cloudflare’s CAPTCHA alternative ‘Turnstile’ now available

With the latest release of the All-In-One Security plugin (AIOS), we’ve included support for Cloudflare’s invisible alternative to CAPTCHA, Turnstile.   What is CAPTCHA? CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) is a security

AIOS WordPress Security Plugin – Release 5.1.5

AIOS WordPress Security Plugin – Release 5.1.5

A new release of the WordPress Security Plugin from UpdraftPlus, All-In-One Security is now available. Version 5.1.5 includes several tweaks and fixes so that the WordPress Security plugin can continue to work well with your WordPress site and other

Using the “Disable RSS and Atom feeds” feature

Using the “Disable RSS and Atom feeds” feature

The All-In-One Security plugin release 5.1.4 included the option to turn off your WordPress website’s RSS and Atom feeds. What are RSS or Atom feeds? RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and Atom feeds are both formats for delivering web content

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