AIOS WordPress Security Plugin – Release 5.1.6

The latest version of the WordPress Security Plugin from UpdraftPlus brings two new features to both the free and Premium versions of AIOS in addition to a series of tweaks and some fixes.


New Security Feature – WordPress Salts Extended

WordPress Salts are a cryptographic tool that makes it difficult for malicious users to crack your WordPress website login password. 

In release 5.1.6 of the All-In-One Security plugin, WordPress Salts are extended by 64 characters and changed weekly to make it even harder for malicious users to read your users’ WordPress passwords. 


New Security Feature – Audit Log

Another new feature is the addition of an audit log. 

The audit log is a table that gives WordPress website administrators a full view of all events happening on their WordPress website. 

Release 5.1.6 provides information on plugin and theme events. Admin users can now see if a plugin or theme has been added, removed, updated, activated or deactivated. 

Future releases will build on this version, allowing users to see a broader range of events taking place, for example logins, failed logins, user registration events, firewall events and more. 




  • FEATURE: Added an audit log
  • FEATURE: Add salt postfix option to improve your site’s security
  • FIX: Rename login slug used like wp-login-RANDOM_SUFFIX showing 404 page issue solved and code clean up for multisite activation
  • FIX: Captcha settings tab in multisite installation for subsites not showing
  • FIX: Cron reschedule event error for hook aios_15_minutes_cron_event if plugin deactivated or uninstalled
  • TWEAK: Stop user enumeration now shows 403 forbidden error code instead of 500 server error
  • TWEAK: PHP 8.1 warning rawurldecode passing null instead type string is deprecated for block request string 6g rule
  • TWEAK: Code clean up for disable cookie based brute force constant as rule moved to firewall
  • TWEAK: Comment spam IP monitoring page UI
  • TWEAK: Updated seasonal notices
  • TWEAK: Improve internal code structure making way for future improvements
  • TWEAK: Remove mention of the 6g firewall rules being .htaccess based as they are now php based
  • TWEAK: Added new internal function to check user capability and nonces
  • TWEAK: Improve config code with inline saving


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