AIOS WordPress Security Plugin – Release 5.1.5

A new release of the WordPress Security Plugin from UpdraftPlus, All-In-One Security is now available. Version 5.1.5 includes several tweaks and fixes so that the WordPress Security plugin can continue to work well with your WordPress site and other plugins.

You’ll also note a new feature. We’ve added support for Cloudflare’s CAPTCHA alternative, “Turnstile”, which offers visitors to your WordPress website an improved experience and stronger privacy when completing any forms or login pages.

The updated version of the WordPress All-In-One-Security Plugin is available now and includes the following:

FEATURE: Added Cloudflare Turnstile CAPTCHA support
FIX: Notices about undefined array key HTTP_USER_AGENT solved.
FIX: New v5 features not saved in export file and not properly reset after uninstallation.
FIX: File permission change being applied to the last record not selected one. Also, no longer change permissions when they are already tighter than the suggested.
FIX: Fatal error ‘Call to a member function contains_contents() on null’
TWEAK: Removed wrong information about login whitelist being implemented via htaccess.
TWEAK: Refactoring settings tasks for WP CLI AIOS premium commands.
TWEAK: Page load performance issue due to incompatible tfa premium plugin active check improved.
TWEAK: Make sure translation domain is registered before attempting to use it
TWEAK: Replaced click with press in text because users could be on mobile etc and not using a mouse.
TWEAK: Registration, comment, Buddypress and bbPress admin pages to show notice enable the captcha settings.
TWEAK: Improve the UI/UX for the 404 detection tab
TWEAK: Improve internal code structure making way for future improvements
TWEAK: PHP 8.2 deprecation warning for dynamic properties
TWEAK: Remove the unintended ability for directory traversal and lack of escaping when outputting files with the “view system log” feature. This facility is only available to an administrator (who can of course already do anything on the site, so this has no security implications) and allow them to view (the last 50 lines) from any file or list any directory on the system where the web server has read access.

Please update your plugin now, or, if you’re new to AIOS, download the free version here.

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